is toilet water clean

Is Toilet Water Clean?

Ever found yourself in a heated debate about whether the water in your toilet is clean?

As a handyman, I’ve been drawn into this conversation more times than I’d like. People often wonder if the water flowing into their toilets is as clean as what they get from their taps.

Let’s settle this argument once and for all…

Is toilet water clean?

Understanding Toilet Water

It might surprise some folks to learn that the water flowing into their toilet tank comes from the same source as the rest of their household water. That means the water entering your toilet has been treated and tested for contaminants, whether it’s supplied by a municipal water system or a well. However, the story doesn’t end there.

Fresh Toilet Water: Is It Really Clean?

When fresh water first enters the toilet tank, it’s generally safe to drink, in the same way your tap water is. But just like tap water, the water in your toilet tank may contain small amounts of minerals, sediment, and chlorine. These are added during the water treatment process to make the water safe for consumption.

But don’t rush to fill your glass from the toilet tank just yet! These minerals and chlorine can give the water a bad taste and smell.

Over time, they can also build up in the tank and bowl, leading to rust or mineral deposits, which can have serious health consequences if ingested regularly. Reminds me of an old client whose kids thought it was a hoot to drink from the toilet tank – until they all fell ill with stomach issues.

Toilet Bowl Water: Why It’s Not As Clean

The real contamination comes when the water from the tank enters the toilet bowl. This is where waste is deposited before being flushed away, which can seriously contaminate the water.

The bowl can house dirt, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms, making it unsafe for any use.

I’ll never forget a call-out I attended where the homeowners’ toilet was so clogged it had overflowed. The water from the bowl had contaminated their bathroom floor, and they needed advice on disinfecting everything. They hadn’t realized just how dirty toilet bowl water could be.

Can Toilet Water Be Used For Other Purposes?

In extreme situations, like during a water outage or in survival scenarios, people may contemplate using water from their toilet tank.
I advise against it unless absolutely necessary, and only from the tank, not the bowl. If you have to, treat the water by boiling it first.

You never know if your water supply has been contaminated, and you can’t see the bacteria and microorganisms potentially lurking in there.

How To Keep Your Toilet Clean

Maintaining a clean toilet is essential for general hygiene and to prevent any potential health issues. Regular cleanings, including the tank, are critical. Use appropriate toilet cleaning products and scrub both the bowl and the tank regularly to minimize build-up of minerals, sediment, and bacteria.

In addition to cleanliness, there’s a safety element, especially if you have pets. Dogs, in particular, have a habit of trying to drink from the toilet.

Is Toilet Water Clean? - Lets ask Rover shall we?

If your toilet is not cleaned regularly, your pet could ingest harmful bacteria or mold that can lead to illness. Measures such as closing the toilet seat, shutting the bathroom door, and ensuring fresh water is always available can prevent this.


In conclusion, while the water in your toilet tank is typically clean when it first arrives there, it can quickly become contaminated due to various factors. As for the water in the toilet bowl – it is not clean and should never be used for anything. In any case, it’s best to stick to drinking water from the tap, not the toilet!


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Remember to stay informed about your water quality and maintain good hygiene habits when it comes to your household water usage. And when it comes to your toilet water, while it might technically start out clean, it’s best not to use it for anything other than its intended purpose. And if you’re a pet owner, always keep the toilet lid down to keep your furry friends safe.

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